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✍ This time we explain ⭐ what call routing consists of and what benefits it can bring to your company. Allow your customers to communicate with a specific establishment by routing calls ☎ in each of your establishments. ▶ Read on!

There are many companies that have been able to manage their businesses correctly and achieve success by increasing their productivity and profitability. This has allowed them to expand throughout the national territory, but, as we all know, each province has its own prefix.

So if, for example, a kitchen company wants to have a single phone number and wants to expand its business throughout Cadiz, it used to have to hire a phone number for each establishment, while now that is no longer necessary thanks to the possibility of routing calls through the zip code of the establishment’s location.

Maybe the term “call routing” sounds Chinese to you, but I’m sure you’ve used it before, you just wouldn’t know it’s called that. So, we believe that with this explanation you will understand better what we mean.


Call routing: It consists of routing calls between all possible paths in a network with high connectivity. And always looking for the best, shortest route.


Thanks to call routing with zip code, companies will only need to have one telephone line with several associated terminals. In such a way that each establishment will have its postal code associated as an extension as a geographic reference.

This saves companies a lot of money on their telephone bills. In addition, this way, when a customer wants to go to a specific store, he will only have to dial the zip code of the store’s location when calling the store.

Now, we are going to go deeper into it, studying what it consists of and analyzing all the advantages that they offer to companies and customers.  


What does “routing calls” mean?

This service allows companies to route customer calls to the establishment they wish to communicate with. In this way, they are providing a quality service covering the needs of customers. The system is very simple thanks to its correct configuration in the company’s switchboard. The steps that the customer would follow are as follows:

  1. The customer calls the company.
  2. A virtual assistant will attend to him and ask him what he wants (talk to an establishment, information, …)
  3. Thanks to DTMF dialing (voice or numeric dialing), the customer will be able to communicate with the assistant by indicating the zip code of the desired establishment.
  4. Once the postal code has been correctly entered, the attendant will direct the call to the establishment whose geographical reference is the one entered by the customer.

But … what does the company need to offer this service? The first thing is to optimize the company’s virtual PBX to get the most out of it. In it, we will create a toll-free number for customers to call, and we will configure it with call routing according to the zip code of each establishment.

In such a way that when the customer enters it or is detected by the virtual assistant it will redirect the call to the establishment with which he/she wishes to communicate. This is thanks to its functions:

  • Text to speech (automatic translation of text to speech) that allows you to interpret the numbers entered by customers through DTMF dialing.
  • Speech to text (automatic translation of text to speech) that allows you to interpret the numbers entered by customers through DTMF dialing.
  • Speech to text (automatic translation of speech to text) that allows assistants to interpret the zip code mentioned by the customer to transcribe it to text and recognize the establishment with which it is associated.

This is a telephone consultation system so that customers can call an active phone 7×24 hours (staffed by our virtual assistant) in which, after entering the zip code, you can communicate with the desired store and all without human intervention.

For its implementation, it is only necessary to have a telephone switchboard with a call center software that incorporates an interactive voice response or advanced IVR system that allows you to automate and direct customer calls. In addition, by incorporating a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence, 100% of the calls will be answered.  


What are the advantages of call routing for businesses?

As you may have noticed, the main benefit for businesses is that they only need a single point of entry for all callers.

Also, since it is a toll-free number for customers, the incoming call traffic will be higher. But thanks to the virtual assistant, they will all be answered uninterrupted 365 days a year.

However, since the assistants have the ability to perform great functions aimed at improving the quality of customer service, they not only bring that benefit, but many more such as:

  • Manage non-response from distributors.
  • Control calls to avoid overflow in a store.
  • Create reports.
  • Offer a national view of calls despite local distribution.
  • Offer cost and time savings.
  • Enable staff to devote their time to more productive tasks.
  • Communicate with customers in a seamless manner.
  • Reduce call response time.
  • Increase the company’s productivity.
  • Reduce the number of missed calls.
  • Decrease customer frustration.
  • Enable to use the DTMF function in multiple languages.
  • Make your brand more competitive.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and trust and generate a positive customer experience.

  routing calls

If your company has multiple stores and you want to offer customers the ability to communicate with the store of their choice without having to have a phone number for each one, you will have found this post helpful.

In Gesditel we are aware of your needs and we are always ready to help you to save costs and improve the quality of your services.

We are always ready to help you to save costs and improve the quality of your services. So, if you are interested in having in your company a virtual assistant that is responsible for serving your customers and redirect the call to the store indicated by the customer through the zip code and enjoy all the advantages it provides, we have what you need. Remember that all our services are fully customized to your needs.

Do not hesitate, contact us, we will attend you without obligation. We hope this article has been useful to you and if it was, please share it!

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Por: Nati CaballeroPublicado el: 22 de abril de 2022