Call Center Software Manual for SAC CAU Phone Agents

Through this Call Center Software for SAC CAU Phone Agents ✅ manual, you will be able to know all the operation of the telephone panel in order to perform the relevant functions and increase productivity for the company ☎ Discover all the details below!

Any company with a Customer Service Center (CSC) or Customer Assistance Center (UAC) needs to increase the productivity of its telephone agents.

GESDITEL offers you the solution to the problem: a system that will evenly distribute the workload and reduce the waiting times of our customers, increasing their satisfaction and reducing the ratio of unattended calls to zero.

If you wish you can consult the manuals for agents and users.  

How to do SAC CAU Phone Agents Login?

First, you must access the website.

Once here, the system will ask you to login by entering your username and password (these will be sent to you by your administrator).   login-agent


How to link a Call Center with a Phone?

To perform the linking of a call center system with a telephone device (optional), please read the following: This second option will only be available for “multi-station” configurations. This configuration allows telephone operators to use any workstation in the company.

If you do not have this configuration, skip to step 3.

After logging in, a window will appear asking for the ID (identifier) of the phone booth you are sitting in. Enter the ID printed on the sticker on your telephone handset and press accept.   link-to-terminal

After doing this, the terminal will be linked to your user, and you will be able to make and receive calls.


How to Join Call Queue?

You are already registered and linked to your job. Now you must enter the call queue.

Once you perform this step the system will send you calls equally, according to the parameters that your administrator has chosen (agent with less calls, with less time in conversation…). You are now logged in and linked to your workstation.   enter-tail


To join queue, you must click the green “Join queue” button.  

How to Manage Breaks in a Call Center?

While you are in the call queue, the system will send you calls when it knows you are ready to answer them.

We mean by “ready to answer them” the time when you are available, you are not in conversation, and a programmable time has passed since you ended the last call.

According to the system configuration, in order to minimize waiting times for customers, if you do not answer a call when the system sends it to you, you will be automatically removed from the queue. This way, only calls are sent to the available telephone agents that are in front of their position, to reduce waiting times of our customers and increase the ratios of our SAC or CAU.

It is very important to indicate in the system the pauses you make so that, during those pauses, it does not send you calls that you cannot attend. This way, the system will not kick you out of the call queue. In case you are kicked out of the call queue by the system, you can reconnect at any time by following the steps in point 3 or point 4B.


How to Start Pause?

To pause, you must click on the orange button labeled “Pause”, and select the reason for the pause:   start-pause  


During the pause time, the system will not send you any calls.  

How to End Pause?

To end a pause, you must click on the green “Enter Queue” button.”   end-pause


Now the system will return to sending you calls as normal.  

How to Get Out of Queue?

At the end of your work day, you must exit the queue.

To do so, just click on the red “Exit Queue” button.   exit-tail


From this point on, the system will stop sending you calls.

If you forget to take this last step (and the system has been configured to do so), the system will automatically remove you from the queue after sending you a call that you will not answer. It is important to leave the queue at the end of your day, because if you don’t, you will leave an unsatisfied customer before the Artificial Intelligence of our system will automatically remove you from the queue.


How to Perform Job Separation?

After leaving the queue you should disengage from your workstation, especially if another colleague will be using your workstation on another shift, or you sit in a different workstation each day.

For SAC CAU phone agents to be able to unlink from their post, you must press the red “Unlink device” button.   sac cau phone agents  

If you forget to unlink and another colleague sits in your seat, logs in and links to your device, our system’s Artificial Intelligence will know that you are no longer there and will unlink you.

If no one is linked to your device while you are away, you will still be linked to your device when you return on your next shift.   out-of-tail-and-desvicted

You’ll know you’ve successfully unlinked when you see this device linking screen. Important!!! If you ever have trouble accessing your agent panel to join and/or leave queue, don’t worry. There is a way to link you to a terminal without having to access the panel, and it’s very simple:  

1. Dial *271 on the terminal.

2. Enter your agent PIN (each agent has its own).

3. Dial *2751 and call to queue.

4. Dial *2750 and call to exit queue.

But, if you need more help on SAC and CAU services for your phone agents, you should contact your system administrator.

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  This is the end of this Call Center Manual for SAC CAU telephone agents. If you want to keep learning more about call center management, be sure to follow our blog!


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