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Schmidt Home Design trusted GESDITEL to optimize their resources and achieve success 🚀. You can read more about this success story below – very interesting, don’t miss it!

GESDITEL is pleased to be the telecommunications provider for a large part of Schmidt Home Design’s stores, one of the largest Home Decoration companies in Europe.

GESDITEL provides Internet connections and virtual PBXs to 16 Schmidt stores in Spain, providing strength and flexibility with our unified communications solutions to one of the companies with the greatest projection in its sector, and which is also in full expansion.  


Why did Schmidt Home Design contact GESDITEL?

In some of their stores they need a cloud-based communications system capable of integrating fixed and mobile lines and recording all telephone activity in an online dashboard. To improve their customer service they need to have a virtual assistant to collect customer requests and send them to them by e-mail for faster service.  


How did Schmidt Home Design work their Customer Service?

Their customers call directly to the phone number of their preferred store. Each store has its own phone number and handles calls differently.  


What needs did we detect?

  • They only have one voice channel at each site.
  • Their old physical switchboards are only useful when they are inside the store.
  • They cannot have short numbering on their mobile lines.
  • Information on telephone activity is almost null.
  • No possibility of videoconferencing.
  • No possibility of teleworking.
  • No telephone virtual assistants.


What Solutions Do We Implement?

We agreed with our client to implement a virtual switchboard in the cloud and a virtual assistant in each of the indicated locations (spread throughout the national territory). Each system has the following functions:

  • Videochat

We provide video conferencing and chat solution in the cloud with which you can keep in touch with your customers when they suffer from time constraints.

  • Screenshare

They can also share their screenshare with clients to live teach and modify their designs.

  • Virtual PBX in the cloud

Each of the sites has its own virtual PBX and its own geographic numbering.

  • Teleworking

The features of our virtual switchboard allow you to telework from home or from any other location.

  • Integration with mobile lines

We assign corporate quota numbering to each of the existing mobile lines regardless of the operator with which they are contracted and assign them advanced virtual PBX functions.

  • Online agenda

We create online agendas that automatically synchronize contacts with all the terminals, fixed and mobile of your virtual PBXs.

  • Simultaneous calls

The system allows you to call all users at the same time, and also to continue receiving calls from your customers, which remain in a waiting queue until an agent becomes free.

  • Virtual Assistant

Our virtual assistant attends to Schmidt’s customers when their stores are not open for business, collecting customer requests and sending them to the email of the person in charge of handling them, including audio files and information about the date, time and the phone number originating the call for immediate attention.  

What is the result?




  • Schmidt Home Decor had multiple phone systems with physical switchboards that tied them to working from their stores.
  • It was quite complicated to control outgoing and incoming phone calls, and even more complicated to control internal communication, call transfers between landlines and mobiles, etc.



panel online

  • Schmidt Home Design has, in many of its locations, a cloud-based telephone and video conferencing system that has managed to unify its communications, provide them with teleworking features and has facilitated internal communication between users and the control of telephone activity.

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Por: Nati CaballeroPublicado el: 5 de abril de 2022