How to share Internet abroad

If you have to regularly travel abroad ✈️ and you need internet connection to work on the road or during your stay. Share internet abroad – don’t miss the following article about sharing internet abroad!

We are more and more prone to make business trips abroad and, therefore, we need a good internet connection to be able to work from anywhere and/or device (mobile, PC or Tablet). But, so you don’t have to be looking for a WIFI connection to work, remember that you can share the Internet data of your phone (Smartphones and iPhone) without any problem outside Spain.

So, even if your device has no Internet connection via mobile data (no SIM card), it can also connect to the network by sharing data from another device with Internet on its SIM. However, … how can you share internet abroad with your cell phone, what do you have to do, does our device have to meet any requirements?  


What are the requirements for sharing internet abroad?

Do we have to have permission from the phone company to share internet abroad?

The first thing you must do is to inform your operator that you are going abroad (outside Spain) to activate Roaming in case you do not have it already activated.

If you do not, even if you have enough Internet data, you will not be able to share it with other devices.

In addition, you must remember that abroad, cell phone data is consumed at a higher speed than in Spain. Generally, the “big operators” do not usually put drawbacks, however, there are some MVNOs (Virtual Mobile Operator) that do not allow it. But if you are a customer of GESDITEL we indicate that we do allow sharing the Internet connection with other devices outside Spain.  


How to configure the mobile APN to share internet abroad?

Next, the second step and indispensable requirement to share data between devices abroad is the correct configuration of the APN of your phone (Android or iOS).

You will have to follow a series of very simple steps that will only take you 1 minute. For this, we have created a step-by-step manual with illustrative images, in which we indicate where you have to enter and the fields you must fill in with the corresponding information. If your phone is a Smartphone (Android operating system) click here.

However, if your phone is an iPhone (iOS operating system) click here.  


What are the steps to follow to share Internet?

The easiest way to be able to share mobile data from your phone to another device once the phone is set up to meet the 2 prerequisites is as follows:  


How to share Internet with Android Phone (Smartphones)?

On Smartphones (phones with Android operating system) the steps are: Settings > More > USB modem and wifi zone > Wifi zone.

When you get to this step you can activate it, once here you can activate it and it will be when in the rest of devices you will see the name of the Wifi network of your cell phone.

Now to be able to connect your PC, Tablet or other phone to the Internet from your SIM you must find the name of the wifi network of your phone, enter the password provided by your phone and give it to connect.

To check your phone’s wifi password, when you are on the Wifi Zone page you will see the Configure wifi zone option. Here you will be able to see the name of your mobile network and the default password. 




To check your phone’s wifi password, when you are on the Wifi Zone page you will see the Configure wifi zone option. Here you will be able to see the name of your mobile network and the default password.  


share internet abroad


How to share Internet abroad on iOS Phone (iPhone)?

On iPhone (phones with iOS operating system) the steps are: Settings > Internet Sharing > Enable Internet Sharing. When you get to this step you will see at the bottom the Wi-Fi password that you must enter on the device you want to connect to your Internet.  




We hope this article has been very useful for you to know how to share your phone’s Internet with other devices abroad.

This way, wherever you are, you will always have Internet connection. Share internet abroad, but remember to use data sparingly or you will use it up too quickly and be forced to look for free wifi networks on the street.

If you also want to know how to share the Internet in Spain we have what you need here.

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