How to share Internet with another device

Share Internet with another device: Learn how to share Internet with other devices to stay connected ✌. It’s very simpleWe explain everything step by step!

Sometimes we need to connect to the Internet from devices that do not have a data connection (no SIM card), but can connect via Wi-Fi networks. Another option is to share Internet from one device to another.

First, to be able to share the connection of our mobile line with this other device, we must fulfill 3 fundamental requirements:


Does our service operator allow us to share internet with another device?

As a general rule, the “big operators” allow it, but some MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) do not allow it.

For GESDITEL customers, please note that we do allow tethering with other devices.

Customers of the “big operators” can rest assured, they also allow tethering.

Customers of MVNOs (second brands of the big ones with low-cost tariffs) should contact their operator to make sure they can do it.


Which APN configuration is correct for internet sharing?

We call APN the “Access Point Network”.

The APN setting is usually automatic. It is done automatically by our smartphone, but not always optimally.

To make sure that the configuration is correct, we will follow the instructions for our iOS or Android device.



From the SETTINGS menu of the phone, access NETWORK, and from there APN.

Press the right (or options) button on the phone.

“NEW APN” option will appear. Select it.

In the first field where you can type, put GESDITEL.

In the second field, put

The type of apn must be default ,dun..

Press the right phone button again to bring up the SAVE option, and click on it.

This will take you to the APN selection screen.

Select the APN you just created (GESDITEL).

Reboot the phone.

To do this, follow the steps described in “configure mobile APN”, and in the field “apn type” select: default, dun.



Click on Settings – Mobile data – Options – Mobile data network – APN.

Modify the APN as follows:



password (EMPTY)

  • (EMPTY and EMPTY means we put nothing in, delete whatever is there and leave it with nothing)

We go back.


Internet sharing.

After following these steps, restart the terminal.

We hope this has helped you to share Internet access of your mobile device with other devices.


How to configure a wireless access point from the smartphone to share internet?

Once the APN has been correctly configured, all that remains is to create a “wireless access point” (AP) on the smartphone that will share your data.

This will create a Wi-Fi network from which we can connect to the Internet with other devices.

The instructions are different for Android and iOS users.



We go to the application“Settings”.

In the “wireless and network connections” area there is the option … More

Click on it, and several options will appear, among which is “Share Internet and wifi zone”. We click on this option, and then enable the “Create wifi hotspot” option.

Once enabled, it will allow us to click on “Configure wifi hotspot” , we choose the name of our wireless network and a password that we will share with the device to which we will share our data.



  • On your iPhone, go to “Settings,” then “Mobile Data.”
  • Direct to “Internet Sharing”, then press the button to activate it.

  • Go back to Settings, turn on the “Wi-Fi” button and also the “Bluetooth” button.
  • Select the Wi-Fi password field and create one.

  • Return to the list of available networks and select your own name.
  • This can be named as “iPhone (model name)”, but you can easily change it in Settings.

After executing these steps, all that remains is to find the network we just created from the “no data” device, connect to it, insert our password and browse the internet.

By the way, remember that these data are “spent” from the data tariff you have contracted with your telephone operator. Surf in moderation.

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