How your telephone support can influence you

In today’s article we teach you how to connect from the first second with your potential customer. You are the visible face of your company during a business call , don’t let anything go wrong . Heed these helpful tips!

Human beings systematically, continuously and in a thousandth of a second make an evaluation of the people they meet. It is the effect that produces the first sensation that helps us to determine if that person or telephone support is to our liking or not.

In that first impression we judge the physical appearance, the tone of voice, gestures, body language, … However, when we deal continuously with that person, that first impression can be modified for better or worse. Except in the work environment in which it is very difficult to happen.

“In psychology, a first impression is the moment when one person encounters another and forms a concept of that person. The accuracy of that impression varies according to the observer and the target (person, object, scene, etc.) being observed,” according to Wikipedia.

“There’s never a second chance to make a good impression.” Oscar Wilde

Companies must not only generate a good first impression with the staff they have, but also with their computer system.  


What is a Computer Information System (IS)?

“A computer system (IS) is a system for storing and processing information; it is the set of interrelated parts: hardware, software, and computer personnel,” according to Wikipedia.

From Gesditel we think that every company (no matter what size) should have a good automated IT system that provides a good first impression to potential customers.

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In the same way that occurs with personal and face-to-face communication, telephone communication produces the same effect of acceptance or rejection of new potential customers who communicate with the company via telephone, telematic or computer service. Therefore, we believe that it is of utmost importance for any company to control and highlight the first telephone sensation in the face of customers generated by its telephone support.

This Automated Information System (AIS) must have a number of features that give companies a greater competitive advantage and allow them to differentiate themselves from the rest. Given that we live in an increasingly competitive world, if we do not differentiate ourselves we lose visibility in front of our potential customers.

That is, an SIA that is not well designed and optimized will generate a bad impression of the company, if for example customers can not contact the company, or have to wait a long time on the phone to be attended, … This is not changed in a matter of seconds and can have repercussions on relationships with customers, suppliers or leads.  


What does an Automated Computing System offer?

Among the functions offered by AISs that provide information with great precision and with minimal resources, the following should be highlighted:

  • provides correct locution
  • schedule notices
  • performs efficient call transfers
  • improves data quality
  • improves the service offered to customers in real time
  • reduces costs to the company
  • improves resource management
  • improves decision making and control efficiency
  • capable of adapting easily to new business changes
  • allows for product differentiation
  • decreases errors and time
  • better control of organizational activity
  • provides an added value
  • etc.

As we can see, the advantages they offer are very numerous and of great importance to businesses. Meanwhile, the disadvantage is simply that there may be a failure in the hardware or software if it is not properly serviced.

At Gesditel we have thought of everything and we have a quality telephone service designed exclusively for each company. In this way the first contact with customers, suppliers and leads will be optimal. Even the image is improved involuntarily and resources are optimized to the maximum.

If to this set of benefits for companies, we add the ability to:

  • Automate processes (opening of incidents, automatic responses, …)
  • Activate business growth engines in all possible aspects (resource optimization, improved image and customer satisfaction, process automation, staff workload relief, …)

Then, we will be achieving customer loyalty.

We hope we have been helpful and that you have been able to see how important it is to have a good automated IT system in companies. Follow our blog to read other recommendations on telecommunications and business management.

By the way, does your company’s telephone support provide you with all these advantages and generate a first feeling of quality?

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Por: Nati CaballeroPublicado el: 26 de abril de 2022