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This time we tell you how a virtual assistant can help you avoid crowds and queues when buying and selling tickets, as well as increase automated sales for shows. Don’t miss this article on Telephone Ticket Sales!

We are finally getting back to “normal”, but with some measures that we must comply with and respect. There used to be situations where there were endless queues to sell tickets. These could be to watch a soccer match or any sport, to see a movie at the cinema, to see a play, to go to a concert, etc.

Nowadays, crowds have become unnecessary and not recommended, so the way of selling / buying tickets has changed. To solve this situation and be able to continue offering these services with public and WITHOUT CONTACT have been created virtual assistants that are responsible for making the sale of tickets by phone, ensuring the security of the most vulnerable data of customers and / or partners.

For example, soccer stadiums are very prone to the accumulation of people both for the withdrawal of tickets by fans and/or members, as well as for the entrance and exit of the stadium.

For that reason, to ensure the safety and health of all, an assistant will be the one who will make the sale by telephone. Next, taking soccer matches as an example, we will explain in detail how the virtual assistant service would work for an event of this type and we will know how it works in relation to the sale of other services, as well as the advantages it would provide to the company.  


How does telephone ticket sales work in a soccer stadium?

We are increasingly familiar with the term virtual assistant, so we know that they are machines with a great artificial intelligence that allows them to successfully perform all kinds of functions. In this case, we are going to explain how to make the sale of tickets for a soccer stadium by phone.

In addition, you will do it offering a quality customer service and without waiting, which will allow them to increase their profitability without making an overexertion.  


What is the process for selling tickets by phone?

  1. The customer calls by phone to the ticket office of the stadium where the soccer match is going to take place.
  2. The virtual assistant will answer the call immediately and will ask you by dialing DTMF to select between 2 options:
      • Check 1 if you are a club member
      • Check 2 if you are a fan.
  3. If the customer dialed 1, the wizard will prompt you via DTMF dialing to enter your member number. If he dialed 2, the wizard will ask him to enter his ID.
  4. You will then be offered several ticket options depending on the seat location. The customer will select the location via DTMF dialing.
  5. Once selected, the attendant will proceed to securely collect the ticket over the phone.
  6. Then, it will ask the customer for a phone number or email address where he/she wants the ticket to be sent.
  7. The customer will receive the ticket, which has a scannable code, on the phone/email provided.
  8. Finally, with this code, the customer will be able to access the stadium just by bringing it close to the turnstile that controls the entrance and exit.

As you can see, the process of selling tickets by phone is very simple and routine, which avoids crowds, eliminates queues, provides instant service and does not require personnel control.  


How does the virtual assistant for event sales work?

Let’s assume another real-life situation in which an attendee can sell a ticket to access some show by phone from anywhere and without having to travel to the site’s box office.  


How does a virtual assistant sell Cinema or Theater tickets?

1. The customer calls by phone to the box office of the Cinema / Theater he/she wishes to attend.

2. The virtual assistant will take the call and ask you to select from several options using DTMF dialing. In the case of cinemas it will provide you with the different movies available, while in case of theater the options will be the different plays available. For example, in the Theater it would be:

  • 1 if you want to see Hamlet.
  • 2 if you wish to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  • 3 if you wish to see Othello.

3. If the customer dialed 1, the wizard will prompt you via DTMF dialing to select the type of input you want.

  • 1 if you want to be in the stalls or in the patio.
  • 2 if you want to be in the stalls.
  • 3 if you wish to be in the paradise or chicken coop.
  • 4 if you wish to be in the amphitheater.

4. If you dialed 2, the wizard will prompt you to select the amphitheater row you want by DTMF dialing.

5. Next, it will ask you, in the case of nominative tickets, for your personal data such as: name, surname and ID card.

6. Once you have selected the venue and provided your details, the assistant will proceed to collect the ticket securely by telephone.

7. Then, the customer will be asked for a phone number or email address where he/she wants the ticket to be sent to.

8. The customer will receive a confirmation email with the ticket.

9. Finally, with that code, the customer will be able to access the cinema/theater by simply bringing it close to the turnstile that controls the entrance and exit.

As we can see, the procedure for the sale of tickets by telephone is the same, there are only small variations corresponding to the type of show that is going to be offered.

This is undoubtedly a great service that helps entertainment companies to provide their services and increase their productivity without diminishing the quality of the same and without contact. Get to know, below, all the functions that brings you a virtual assistant.  


telephone ticket sales  

What are the advantages of a virtual assistant for telephone ticketing?

The most outstanding advantage is that it offers uninterrupted service 365 days a year. Since it is a robotic machine, it can be in operation as many hours and days as the company wishes. In addition, it offers many other advantages, such as:

  • Cost and time savings for companies.
  • Control of the agenda and occupation.
  • Connection with other electronic devices.
  • Avoid queues and agglomerations.
  • Offers uninterrupted communication to customers.
  • Avoid direct contact with staff.
  • Enables your human staff to perform more productive activities.
  • Offers contactless services.
  • Optimizes customer service.
  • Provides and manages tickets by synchronizing them with the company’s and the customer’s agenda.
  • Information without limits instantly.
  • Avoid missed calls.
  • Generate a positive experience.
  • Increases company productivity.
  • Avoids direct contact of access control personnel with customers.
  • Makes the company more competitive.
  • Reduces response time.
  • Makes collections 100% secure thanks to the PCI DSS system.

If your company is dedicated to the leisure sector (soccer, sports in general, cinema, theater, concerts, festivals, …) and you want to sell your tickets safely, you may be interested in having a virtual assistant. He will take care of all your customers and will offer him your services without the need of contact.

This way you maintain the safety of your employees and your customers.

If, on the other hand, you already have one and you want to improve it or optimize it to the maximum to enjoy all the advantages it offers, do not hesitate to contact us, we will attend you without obligation.

We hope you found this article on Automating Telephone Ticket Sales useful and if you did, please share! We hope you found it useful!

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