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We are very proud that Torrent Closures trusted GESDITEL to help them achieve success . We tell you how we did it below. Don’t miss it!

GESDITEL signs an agreement with Torrent Closures, making this operator the official provider of telecommunications services that will connect its different national and intercontinental headquarters.

The Torrent Closures is a world leader in non-refillable closures and dispensers for food, especially in the spirits sector.

The company has offices in Spain, Mexico, Russia, Africa, India, Colombia….. and among many other products they design, manufacture and distribute closures for well-known brands such as “Ginebra Puerto de Indias”, Aceites Oro de Génave”, “Brandy Carlos I” and many others worldwide.


Why did Torrent Closures contact GESDITEL?

Grupo Torrent is in the process of national and international expansion and wants to improve its telecommunications, technical support and customer service systems. In addition, they intend to unify their telecommunications system in all their sites worldwide.

They need a telecommunications provider that has the capacity to assign and maintain national and international geographic numbering, as well as to provide them with IP telephony systems in the cloud that allows them to telework when necessary, maintaining the level of security they need and with a strong vision towards development under Artificial Intelligence.


How did Customer Service work in Torrent Closures?

To date, the Torrent Closures has landlines and mobiles with different operators.

In each of the headquarters that encompasses the group, there are telephone numbers assigned to customer service and collaborating companies.


What needs did we detect?

  • Need for national and international geographic numbering.
  • Cloud telephony system accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Ability to integrate with mobile lines of any operator anywhere in the world.
  • Assignment of corporate short numbering to mobile lines of other operators.
  • Need for agile and personalized customer service from your telephone operator.
  • Automatic call recording.
  • Ability to filter and search for calls.
  • Automation of phone books and call transfers between departments.
  • Ability to telework.
  • Functions to control the telephone activity of all offices from anywhere in the world and with total security in the network.


What solutions did we implement?

After studying the client’s needs, we decided to provide a cloud solution virtual PBX that allows interconnecting their headquarters worldwide and also has the following features:

  • Unification of national and international numbering.

We provide the Torrent Closures with national and international numbering that allows them to communicate correctly with their clients and collaborators, as well as constant and fluid internal communication.

  • Assignment of corporate short numbering to mobile lines of other operators.

We assign corporate short numbering to existing mobile lines of other international operators to facilitate internal communication and call forwarding while reducing operating costs.

We assign corporate short numbering to existing mobile lines of other international operators to facilitate internal communication and call forwarding while reducing operating costs.

  • Integration of mobile lines from other operators.

In addition to assigning short numbering, we manage to provide these mobile lines with the same advanced functions as the rest of the telephone system.

  • Telework.

Configuring their phone system in the cloud would allow them to work from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, just as if they were at their workstation without any additional configurations.

  • Automatic call recording.

All incoming and outgoing calls from fixed and mobile lines, both national and international, are recorded in the system in order to constantly improve the quality of the calls.

  • Online Scheduling.

They synchronize with all terminals, fixed and mobile, the contacts automatically.

  • Online control panel.

It allows system administrators to control all telephone activity worldwide from a centralized online panel that allows them to filter calls, obtain statistics and modify their own system if necessary.

  • Call tagging.

We add to the terminal screen, next to the caller’s phone number, a label indicating the reason why a customer is calling us. Thanks to this, Torrent Closures staff will be able to apply different telephone service protocols to improve response times and satisfaction.

  • Virtual Assistant LITE.

We provide the Torrent Closures with several virtual assistants, developed under Artificial Intelligence, which are responsible for customer service outside the opening hours to the public.


What’s the result?



sin cobertura


  • Telephone numbers in practically the whole planet.
  • No mobility, they must work in their respective offices.
  • Different operators for each office.
  • Each delegation has its own switchboard and provider.
  • Difficulty to control the telephone activity of all its offices and departments.
  • Little native integration between offices.




  • Torrent Closures has a unified communications system in the cloud that allows them to telework, move between offices and communicate internally between fixed and mobile lines of any operator using short corporate numbers.
  • Phonebooks have been automated and administrators have all the information they need to manage the company’s worldwide telephone activity.
  • Virtual assistants ( Artificial Intelligence ) increase the 24X7 phone answering time and automate processes, improving the corporate image, saving time and generating benefits passively.


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Por: Nati CaballeroPublicado el: 4 de abril de 2022