How to transfer iPhone contacts

If you are an iPhone user, with this article we will teach you 🥇 how to transfer your contact list without losing a single one when switching SIM. Follow our directions to Transfer iPhone Contacts! 🤓

Nowadays, the amount of contacts we have on our mobile devices is great. To avoid losing them when changing SIM, the best thing to do is to transfer all contacts to the memory of our iPhone, although the best option is to save them in the cloud of our iCloud account so that we never lose them even if we change phones.

For this we will explain step by step what you should do to keep your contacts safe with Apple, if you want you also have at your disposal the steps with Android.


What steps should we follow to transfer iPhone contacts?

  1. Go to SETTINGS.
  2. Go to CONTACTS.


 transfer iPhone contacts



This last step to transfer iPhone contacts will take a few seconds or minutes, depending on how many contacts need to be transferred.

Finally, open CONTACTS and verify that all the contacts have been passed.

If you want to be able to access your contacts from any Apple device, you must sync them with iCloud by performing these steps:

  1. Go to SETTINGS.
  2. Access ID APPLE.
  3. Click on iCLOUD.
  4. Activate the CONTACTS tab.





What is the Apple Phone Cloud?

For phones running iOS operating systems, Apple’s cloud storage is iCloud. It is a data center where the following are synchronized: email, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes, to-do lists and other data. In addition, the information stored here can be accessed from a computer and from the mobile device itself.

If in addition to learning how to transfer iPhone contacts, you want to learn how to transfer them from an Android phone or from WhatsApp click the appropriate links.

We hope you found it helpful and that you don’t lose any contact!

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Por: Nati CaballeroPublicado el: 26 de abril de 2022