How to transfer WhatsApp contacts

If you are going to change your terminal or you do it on a regular basis, learn with this brief guide (Transfer WhatsApp Contacts) how to copy your WhatsApp contacts and conversation history . Don’t lose information, change your phone comfortably and without worries, follow our directions! 

Nowadays, new cell phones are being released more and more frequently, forcing us to transfer our contacts from applications such as WhatsApp so as not to lose them.

These new devices have the latest technologies and, in addition, technical features such as image resolution, screen size, internal memory, battery life, external memory capacity, … are increasingly better.

Therefore, it is not surprising that you change device with a frequency that was previously unthinkable, this in turn leads to change the SIM card device and in turn move all contacts, photos, videos, …. from one device to another.

Although photos, videos,… are important to us, contacts are much more so. And to avoid losing them when changing mobile, it is best to have them associated with our Google account, ie, save them in the cloud of our Google account so we never lose them even if we change phone.  


How to save WhatsApp contacts?

When we want to transfer WhatsApp contacts, the steps we must follow to have secured contacts and never lose any are very simple. In other posts of this blog we explain them very briefly for Android phones and for iOS. Once we have secured the contacts, we must secure the conversations of our WhatsApp account.

To do this, we need to backup our chat history to our Google Drive account which is associated with our Google mail. The steps are:  

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Enter MORE OPTIONS.
  3. Click on SETTINGS.
  4. Click on CHATS.
  5. Click on SECURITY COPY.
  6. And, finally, click on Save in our Google Drive account.

  transfer WhatsApp contacts  


In case you don’t have a Google Drive account, press Add account when prompted and then hit Save. In the Google Drive Settings we can set:

  • The frequency with which we want to perform the backups.
  • The type of network you are going to use to perform it (it is recommended to put only WIFI).
  • The Google account where we want it to be saved.
  • If we want to save the videos of the chats.


How to transfer WhatsApp contacts?

Lastly, when we are going to transfer WhatsApp contacts and once we have the new phone, we just need to enter the SIM to be able to receive the line verification code.

Then we will download from the Play Store (on the Android) or from the Apple Store (on the iPhone) the WhatsApp application. The steps now are:

  1. Install the WhatsApp application.
  2. Enter your PHONE NUMBER.
  3. We enter the VERIFICATION CODE received by SMS.
  4. We accept when it tells us to RESTORE OUR MESSAGES AND FILE.



In a few seconds or minutes, depending on how many chats you need to restore, we will have our WhatsApp account as we left it on the previous device ready to be used.

These steps are common for Android and iOS devices.

If in addition to learning how to transfer WhatsApp contacts you want to read specific information to do it from your Android or iPhone phone, click on each of the links that we leave about it.

We hope it has been of great help and you have been able to pass all your contacts and chats without difficulty.

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