What happens in your business after hours

Let your business work for you 24/7 even when physically closed. Don’t let potential customers slip through your fingers, learn below how to do it! 

Every business has a closing time set by the business itself. Those business hours are regulated by the Law 1/2004 of December 21 which was published at the end of 2004 and establishes that:

“the Autonomous Communities shall be responsible for regulating the opening and closing hours of commercial premises, in their respective territorial areas, within the framework of free and fair competition and subject to the general principles on the organization of the economy contained in this Law.”


Based on that Law, all companies have a schedule for opening and closing their businesses, which workers must comply with, but…. But what happens when the company is closed?

According to Wikipedia: Office hours are the hours during the day when business is conducted in a common manner.”

After the workers’ workday ends, the company closes, but only as a physical establishment. In reality, thanks to the Internet, the virtual assistants and telephone channels with virtual switchboards, the company is still visible 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. If you have a virtual switchboard, and you can’t get the most out of it, we recommend that you read our virtual switchboard manual.  


How to eliminate closing hours for a business?

Obtaining a good positioning on the Internet will provide us with good visibility on the network. Therefore, it is one of the main objectives of companies, as it allows them to obtain visits and / or subscribers. That is to say, increases in sales and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Internet and telephone channels are tools in which there are no physical barriers or schedules. In addition, it allows us to segment and personalize the way we communicate with our customers. The return it provides to companies that have a good visibility on the Internet is amazing, and the benefits are evident.

For that reason, it is essential to have good visibility, especially when the business is closed to the public. From those hours, we can subtract data that allow us to increase the volume of sales or increase customer satisfaction with our services.

In our work as a telecommunications services operator, we often discover time slots when our business customers receive a lot of calls (sometimes to get customers and sometimes to serve them).

The curious thing is that in certain cases, almost 20% of these calls occur at times when the company does not serve the public, so these opportunities to generate profits are lost. What’s more, not only is it lost, but something even more serious happens: The companies don’t even imagine the “slice” they are missing out on.  


How Gesditel can help you improve profitability?

At GESDITEL we have the most advanced technology that allows companies, during their closing hours:

  • Obtain visibility of the number of unattended calls in different time slots.
  • Examine the volume of unanswered calls and calculate through statistical averages specific to your business vertical the percentage of unanswered calls that represent a benefit to our customers.
  • Study the average ticket per customer and calculate the economic impact of taking advantage of these business opportunities.
  • Study whether it is profitable to apply automation with artificial intelligence to sales and support processes.

Do you still think you can’t improve your business results when you have set closing hours?

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Por: Nati CaballeroPublicado el: 16 de mayo de 2022