What is Ping Gui?

What is Ping Gui ▶ ultimate solution to reduce the ping of our equipment and improve latency 🚀.

If you still don’t know how this application can help us to reduce the latency of our equipment and improve our internet browsing experience 🚀 (video calls, online games…), don’t miss this article! 

▷ What is Ping Gui, download for free, install and how it works.  

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What is Ping Gui?

Ping Gui is the definitive application that will allow us to solve our connection latency problems.

Depending on how we use our Internet connection, having high latency can become a very cumbersome problem. Examples:

  • Online video games: if we usually play online in competitive mode the latency differences can even make us lose games.
  • Online video conferencing: where the stability of the connection is essential to avoid video or audio dropouts.

What is latency? is the factor by which the time it takes to load data from a website is measured.

How will it help us to know all the details of the latency of our connection? the latency meter of our connection is the ping. The ping is one of the basic commands that by executing it will help us to check the connectivity between two points. The shorter the time recorded by the ping command, the higher the quality of our connection and the lower its latency.

Although all operating systems usually have by default a connectivity tool that will allow us to perform pings directly from our operating system, there are much more advanced and complete applications for this purpose and that, in addition, will allow us to optimize additional features. One of the best applications for pinging is Ping Gui.


How to Download PING GUI?

Now that you know what Ping Gui is, we’ll explain how to download the program.

The first step to start decreasing the latency of your connection and improve your online experience is

Download Ping Gui!



How to install PING GUI?

After learning what Ping Gui is and how to download it, follow the steps below to install Ping Gui.
1. Once we click on “Download”, in a few seconds we can see the downloaded file in the bottom bar of our screen. If not, we go to the download folder of our computer where we can find the file “PingGui.exe”. With the mouse, we double-click on it.  
 2. When we double-click on the .exe file, we will get the following screen: “Do you want to allow this application from an unknown advertiser to make changes to the device?” – We will agree by clicking on the “Yes” button.  
3. The next window is informative, we just have to click on the “Don’t show at start up” option so that the window doesn’t appear again and “Ok.”

At this point, we are ready to get the most out of the application and our connection.

Want to know how Ping Gui works? Read on!


How does PING GUI work?

Once we are in the main Ping Gui window, like the one shown here, we can start.  


1. To ping an IP address or domain we want to analyze, enter the address in the top bar and press “ENTER”. Then a window like the one shown below will appear on the screen where the response time is graphically indicated and counted in seconds.
2. We can use this tool to perform only one ping to a domain or IP as explained in point 1, and also ping simultaneously to several domains. To ping multiple domains at the same time, we enter the addresses in the same top bar. The domains must be separated by a space between them.  
Next, we check the “Continuous pings” option so that the program performs continuous pings (and not just one) and, in addition, configure the time between commands (default is 1500 ms) and the elapsed time to be considered a lost packet.  
Finally we click on the “Ping” button to start with this task. Automatically we can see how this tool starts working. 
The tool will then start pinging continuously and simultaneously to the addresses indicated by us, showing us graphically the response time as we can see in the image below.
To finish our test, just click on the “Done” button.
3. Finally, we can also highlight two interesting buttons: IP Config, which will allow us to retrieve the network configuration of our computer.  
Trace route, to calculate the route with tracert to all domains automatically without having to run the command one at a time.  

That’s about as much as you need to know about the Ping Gui tool.

If you want to know more tips and tricks to reduce internet latency or ping, we tell you about it below stay a little longer!


How to reduce the Internet latency?

1. Avoid simultaneous downloads

It is important not to intensively use other devices or equipment simultaneously. If for example we are downloading files from another terminal connected to the same network, this may cause problems such as low speed or high ping.

This is why, in order to have the lowest latency possible, we should avoid making use of other equipment connected to the network at the same time, since resources are limited.


2. Avoid programs that may interfere

Another aspect that can influence are the programs installed on our computer that are making use of the connection. Sometimes they can interfere and seriously affect the latency without us noticing it, in addition to slowing down the speed. To do this, we must have installed on our computer only those programs that are necessary and that we use, avoid installing software that does not contribute anything and consume resources.  


3. Improve wireless coverage

Internet speed, although not a determining factor, may also be influencing whether we have a higher or lower ping. But without a doubt, wireless coverage is going to be fundamental. Our goal will be to connect to the wifi in the best possible conditions.

If we believe that the distance to the router is too great, that the signal is reaching us weakly, we can make use of amplifiers with which to improve our connection to some extent.


4. Change router for a more powerful one

The router with which we work will influence a lot and especially if we use our connection largely for online games, as there are routers specifically geared for gaming.

It is a somewhat more expensive option, but we can address if we notice that our router does not work optimally and has a very high latency.


5. Keep our equipment updated and free of malware

Keeping your computer clean, in good condition and properly updated is essential. We must avoid malware, since a virus or any other type of threat could damage our equipment and undoubtedly affect our connection.

In the same way it is essential that the equipment is properly updated. Thanks to this we can improve performance and security while surfing the Internet.


6. Local connection whenever possible

If we often play online, we may find that a particular game allows us to connect to different servers around the world. Logically, for the latency to be lower we should try to connect to a local server.

Sometimes it can happen that the server we are connected to does not work well, so it is also a good option to change server.


7. Avoid using VPN

VPN is a network technology by means of which one or more computers can be connected in a virtual private network through a public network such as the Internet and without the need for the computers to be physically connected to each other or even in the same place. Of course, they are very interesting and increasingly used networks, but it can also cause our network to be affected by it (we can have speed and latency problems). Therefore, if we want to surf the Internet with low latency, it is better to avoid this type of VPN.


This is all we wanted to tell you about Ping Gui and how to improve the latency of your internet connection.


What we wanted to tell you about Ping Gui and how to improve the latency of your internet connection.

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