WhatsApp Business what is it, what is it for and how does it work?

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WhatsApp Business what is it?

It is a free mobile application that is designed to help businesses communicate more efficiently with their customers.

The app offers a number of business-specific tools and functionalities, such as the ability to create company profiles with contact information and product or service descriptions.

The application also offers the option to set up automated messages to answer frequently asked questions, and the ability to tag and organize conversations with customers in a single window.

In addition, WhatsApp Business is integrated with WhatsApp Business Web, allowing businesses to respond to customer messages from a computer.

In short, WhatsApp Business is a useful tool for businesses looking to improve communication and customer service through the world’s most popular mobile messaging platform.


WhatsApp Business api what is it?

WhatsApp Business API is a version of WhatsApp specifically designed for use by businesses and organizations. It is a platform that allows businesses to use WhatsApp to communicate with their customers in a more efficient and automated way.

In short, WhatsApp Business API is a platform for businesses to integrate WhatsApp into their communication systems and automate some of their customer service processes, while WhatsApp Business is a messaging application for small businesses.


WhatsApp Business apk what is it?

WhatsApp Business is a messaging application designed to help businesses communicate with their customers. It is available as an app for download on mobile devices, and can be used alongside the regular WhatsApp application.

In short, we could say that WhatsApp Business is the messaging application and the WhatsApp Business APK is the application’s installation file. Both are different, but they are related since the APK is required to install the WhatsApp Business application on a mobile device.


WhatsApp Business web what is it?

WhatsApp Business Web is the web version of WhatsApp Business that can be used through a web browser on a computer, allowing businesses to use the application without having to download it on their mobile devices.


whatsapp business what is


WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp normal, what is the difference?

WhatsApp Business is a messaging application designed specifically for businesses and organizations.

It resembles the normal WhatsApp app in terms of functionality, but has some additional features that make it more useful for businesses.

Here’s a list of some of the key differences between WhatsApp Business and regular WhatsApp:

  1. WhatsApp Business has a business profile: you can create a business profile that displays information such as your business name, a description of your business, your address and your website. This allows customers to get information about your business quickly and easily.
  2. WhatsApp Business has automation options: you can set up automated messages to answer frequently asked questions from customers or to send reminders for appointments or events. This allows you to save time and effort in answering the same questions over and over again.
  3. WhatsApp Business has tracking and analytics tools: it allows you to see statistics on the usage of the application, such as how many messages you have sent and received and how many customers have used your business profile. This allows you to see how your business is performing through WhatsApp and make informed decisions about how to use the app in the future.
  4. WhatsApp Business is free: Like regular WhatsApp, this app is free to download and use. However, you may have to pay for text messages or voice calls if you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

WhatsApp Business is a version of WhatsApp specifically designed for business use, with additional features that can be useful for businesses and organizations.

Although it looks a lot like the regular WhatsApp app, it has some additional features that make it more useful for businesses.


WhatsApp Business, what advantages does it have?

In this section of the article, we will explain five of the most important advantages that you can take advantage of when using this tool in the business environment:

  1. More organization and efficiency in communication with customers and suppliers: it allows the creation of contact lists and labels, which facilitates the management of messages and the attention of requests quickly and efficiently.
  2. More online presence: the option to create a company page in Whatsapp Business allows users to obtain information about the business, opening hours, location, etc. in a simple and quick way.
  3. Integration with other business tools: it can be integrated with other business applications such as CRM or payment platforms, allowing greater automation and facilitating the tracking of transactions and customer management.
  4. Enhanced security and privacy: offers additional privacy and security options to protect company and customer information.
  5. Broader reach: Whatsapp is one of the most widely used messaging applications worldwide, allowing companies to reach a wide and diverse audience.


WhatsApp Business in an omnichannel environment?

As we will see below, this application that offers numerous benefits becomes especially a valuable tool to improve customer service and increase efficiency in an omnichannel environment.

Read below what its advantages are and how to integrate it into a company’s marketing strategy.


What are the advantages of integrating WhatsApp Business in an omnichannel environment?

The advantages of integrating this application in an omnichannel environment are:

  1. Facilitates customer service: it allows companies to offer faster and more efficient customer service, as messages are sent and received in real time.
  2. Improves customer communication: it allows companies to communicate more effectively with customers, whether it is to provide support or to send notifications and promotions.
  3. Extends the company’s reach: it is a very popular platform worldwide, allowing companies to reach a wider audience.
  4. Offers an enhanced user experience: it allows businesses to personalize their messages and create automated responses to provide a smoother and more efficient experience for customers.
  5. Facilitates conversation tracking: allows businesses to track and record conversations with customers to improve customer service and problem resolution.

In short, integrating this communication application into an omnichannel environment can significantly improve customer service and communication with customers, which in turn can lead to higher customer satisfaction and customer retention for the company.

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How to integrate WhstaApp Business in an omnichannel environment?

As we have already seen in previous sections, this is an application designed for businesses that allows them to communicate more efficiently with their customers via WhatsApp.

This application can be integrated in an omnichannel environment, that is, in a system that allows companies to interact with their customers through different channels, such as email, online chat, social networks and phone calls.

To integrate WhatsApp Business into an omnichannel environment, follow these steps:

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Create a company profile in the app and provide information about your business, such as company name, email and website.
  3. Set up autoresponders so you can respond to frequently asked questions and requests for information without having to be constantly available.
  4. Connect the app to your customer service system and other communication channels, such as email or social media.
  5. Use the application to communicate with your customers efficiently and provide them with quality customer service.

It is important to note that to use the app, you will need a verified phone number and a stable Internet connection. In addition, you must ensure that you comply with all WhatsApp policies and terms of use when using the app to communicate with your customers.

If you want to learn more about omnichannel marketing strategy, we recommend you read our article “Omnichannel what it is and how to use it to drive your sales“.


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How to boost a company’s sales with WhatsApp Business?

Here are some ideas on how to use the app to drive sales for your business as part of an omnichannel marketing strategy:

  1. Integrate the app with other messaging and social media platforms to provide a consistent and seamless experience for your customers.
  2. Use the app’s automated chat to respond to frequently asked questions from your customers and send scheduled messages.
  3. Offer customer support through the app to provide a quick and personalized response to your customers.
  4. Use the app’s automated chat to respond to frequently asked questions and send scheduled messages.
  5. Use tags and notes to organize and categorize your conversations with customers and improve the efficiency of your customer service team.
  6. Use the application’s group chat to send promotional and marketing messages to your customers.
  7. Use the app’s group chat to send reminders and notifications to your customers, such as appointment reminders or shipment notifications.
  8. Use the app to send follow-up messages and thank you messages to your customers after a purchase.
  9. Use the app to send surveys and solicit feedback and suggestions from your customers to improve your business.
  10. Use the app to send surveys and solicit feedback and suggestions from your customers to improve your business.
  11. Use the application to send valuable content to your customers, such as tips or tutorials related to your products or services.
  12. Use the application to send news and updates about your business and your products or services to your customers.


WhatsApp Business price, how much does it cost?

The application is available for free on Google Play and the App Store.

In any case, businesses may incur certain costs when using the application, such as the cost of text or data messages used to send and receive messages through this application.

Also businesses may have to pay for certain advanced features, such as integration with CRM systems or the option to live chat with customers.


WhatsApp Business how does it work?

To use WhatsApp Business, you must first download the application on your cell phone. Then, verify your phone number and create a business profile with information such as: name, logo and description.

Once you have set up your profile, you can start using the application to send messages to your customers and track your activity.

For example, you can send promotions and offers to your contacts, answer questions and requests for information, and use statistics to evaluate your company’s performance.

To get the most out of WhatsApp Business web, it is important to have a clear communication strategy and use the application on a regular basis.

You can also consider integrating the application with other marketing and communication tools, such as chatbots or automated messaging platforms, to further automate your communication process.

The operation of WhatsApp Business is relatively easy, as the application has an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.

However, it is important to keep in mind that you must respect WhatsApp’s privacy and data usage policies and not use the application to send spam or unwanted messages.


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Frequently Asked Questions about WhatsApp Business

In this section of the article, we will address some frequently asked questions that may arise when using this application. Read on!


WhatsApp Business multi-device, is it possible to use WhatsApp Business on more than one device?

Yes, it is possible to use WhatsApp Business on more than one device at a time. This is known as the WhatsApp Business multi-device option, which allows users to link their WhatsApp Business accounts to multiple devices at the same time.

In this way, they can use the application on different devices without having to constantly log in and log out.

It is important to note that this option is only available for mobile devices and not for computers. In addition, it is necessary to have an Internet connection to be able to use WhatsApp Business multi-device.


WhatsApp Business broadcast groups, what is it?

WhatsApp Business broadcast groups are a tool that allows WhatsApp Business users to send messages to multiple contacts simultaneously.

These groups are designed especially for companies and organizations that want to communicate with their customers or employees quickly and efficiently.

Broadcast groups are different from normal WhatsApp groups in that they only allow an administrator to send messages to all group members. Other members cannot reply or send messages to the group, but only receive information from the administrator.

This makes broadcast groups useful for sending important notices or news to a wide audience.

To use WhatsApp Business broadcast groups, you need to download the WhatsApp Business app and add the contacts you want to send messages to. You can then create a broadcast group and select the contacts you want to include in it.

Once the group is created, you can send messages to all group members simultaneously.


WhatsApp Business multiple agents, can WhatsApp Business be used by more than one person?

Yes, it is possible to use WhatsApp Business for multiple people to attend customer messages through the same WhatsApp Business account. This can be done in several ways:

  1. Assign tasks: you can assign tasks to other users of the account, so that they can respond to specific messages or a group of messages.
  2. Use tags: you can use tags to organize your messages and make it easier for other users to find and respond to the messages they need to address.
  3. Use quick replies: you can create quick replies for frequent posts, so that other users can send these replies with just a few clicks.
  4. Use a group chat: you can create a group chat with other users of the account, so that they can discuss and coordinate how to attend to customer messages.

Note that to use WhatsApp Business in this way, you need to have a verified WhatsApp Business account.

In addition, only one person can be online at any time and respond to customer messages. Other users can access the account and read messages, but will not be able to reply until another user has finished attending to a message and has logged out of the application.


WhatsApp Business automatic reply, how to configure it?

To configure the WhatsApp Business automatic reply, follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp Business and tap the menu icon in the upper right corner
  2. Select “Settings” from the menu.
  3. Select “Settings” from the menu.
  4. Select “Account.”
  5. Select “Account”.
  6. Select “Auto Reply.”
  7. Select “Auto Reply.”
  8. Select “Auto Reply” from the menu.
  9. Activate the “Enable automatic reply” option.
  10. Enable automatic reply”.
  11. Type the autoresponder message you want to send to your customers. You can customize the message by including labels, such as your business name or a link to your website.
  12. Select the time interval during which you want the autoresponder to be sent. You can choose from “Always”, “Only during business hours” or “Outside business hours.”
  13. Optionally, you can choose to have the autoresponder sent to you at any time.
  14. Optionally, you can select the “Only for unread messages” option so that the auto-reply is only sent to messages that you have not yet read.
  15. Tap “Save” to save your changes.

Now, every time someone sends a message to your WhatsApp Business number during the selected time interval, they will automatically receive your auto-reply message.

Remember that the auto-reply will only be sent once per conversation, so if the person writes back to you after receiving the auto-reply, it will not be sent again.


whatsapp business apk


Can I have WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp on the same phone?

Yes, it is possible to have WhatsApp Business and regular WhatsApp on the same phone. Moreover, you can have it with only one phone number. When you download the WhatsApp Business app, you can use it with the same phone number that you use in the regular WhatsApp app.

However, it is important to note that you cannot use the same WhatsApp Business and normal WhatsApp accounts at the same time. That is, to use WhatsApp Business, you must first log out of the normal WhatsApp application and vice versa.

Yes, you can use both versions of WhatsApp at the same time if each uses a different phone number.


So much for everything you need to know about WhatsApp Business and why you should start implementing it in your omnichannel marketing strategy.

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