White label cloud software

White Label Cloud Software: ✍ With this article you will learn how a cloud software will allow you to perform an optimal management of the sales department and offer a top quality service to your customers. Read on! 🤓

Many companies are finding it difficult to handle all customer calls and are therefore losing sales. Those calls that could not be handled are lost revenue on the part of the company. This is because they do not have quality software in their call center.

To help them solve that problem, GESDITEL offers them the opportunity to have their own White Label Cloud Software for Call Center, that is, a Cloud Software for an optimal management of the sales department. If you wish, you can read our article on how the white label cloud software for call center helps you sell more.

According to Wikipedia, a call center is: “A call center is an area where specially trained agents, consultants, supervisors, or executives place calls (outbound calls) or receive calls (inbound calls) from or to: customers (external or internal), business partners, associated companies, or others”.

This white label cloud software is hosted in Gesditel’s cloud and allows companies to access it from any device with an internet connection, so no prior installation is required.

At Gesditel we know that not all companies are the same or have the same needs, so we believe in the importance of having a customized software with the colors, logo and subdomains of the company, and so we develop them.

They are very easy to use, agile and intuitive, also provides 4 different profiles: administrator, room manager, operator and commercial. In this way, each profile will have access to the tasks that by its position will correspond to manage and control.


White label cloud software


What are the functions of a Call Center Software?

In addition to the advantages already mentioned that our Software possesses, it also includes many other beneficial functions for the increase of sales of companies, such as:

  • Multi-device software
  • White label: we deliver it customized with your own brand, logo and colors.
  • Automatic and/or manual call launcher that allows to increase the profitability ratio in more than 150%.
  • Process automation (contact distribution, controls, audits, …).
  • Administration tools that allow administrative tasks, import and export of contacts, results management, automation of massive processes, wiretapping, …
  • Recording and recording of the results of the process.
  • Control of the pauses made by agents.
  • Access to updated company telephone contacts.
  • Control of telephone consumption, including national destinations.

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